Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 219 - 6th August 2013 - Fog, Cobwebs, Dragonflies, Hermit Thrush

A chilly morning, +11, but feels nice. Well the long weekend is over, time to go back to work today. Guessing it will be a busy day. Up a little earlier than I need to be but that's fine, I'm feeling rested and ready to tackle the day. Forgot to thank some special friends the other day for the lovely chocolate and book with beautiful photos of their homeland they brought us. You can't go wrong with good chocolates, I stretch them out as long as I can, eating only one at  a time every so often. Chocolate is my definite weakness, could go without a lot of things but not that.
What a lovely day off I had yesterday. Weather was spot on, warm with a breeze just the way I like it. I really don't need that 30+ degrees to be happy, that just makes me want to do nothing. I was a little sad on my first jaunt of the day. Hadn't gone far and saw one of my little Hermit Thrushes dead on the side of a driveway - maybe he flew into a car. He had been a bit shy but often I would at least see him peeking through the bushes at me. Once in awhile I could snag a photo of him. Such is the delicate balance of nature. The morning improved as I continued my walk, not a lot of birds in sight but it was still nice to get out around and watching the fog rise and sunshine. Lexi roamed with me a couple of times, but she wasn't in a mood for bird watching. Too much going on. I did do some housework in between our treks and enjoying the birds at the feeder in the yard. I looked once and there was a Mourning Dove and Song Sparrow, when they moved behind them was a chipmunk, guess everyone was getting along. I've not seen Harriett and her crew of Grackles the last few days, maybe they've moved on. Chickadee was at the feeder after supper, haven't seen them for a bit.
 Heavy mist rising off of the lake in the morning.
 Lots of cobwebs - a sure sign of a fine day.

 Another Hermit Thrush along my route.
 Myrna's sunflower is in bloom too.
 Quite sure this is the Red Eyed Vireo, usually I get more of his belly since he likes to sit high in the trees.
These two were not sharing at the feeder.

 And what a beautiful afternoon view.
Dragonflies - they are harder than birds to catch sometimes.

Enjoy your day!

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