Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 234 - 21st August 2013 - Red Leaves, Golden Sunlight, Black & White Warbler and Blue Skies

Wednesday and my day off - rah!  Looks foggy this morning but since I'm up early and it's still dark - hard to really tell. No stars in the sky though.  Par for the course, the weather people were wrong and we had no rain. I'm not complaining. They are predicting hot and humid for a day or so. Sounds like summer weather has returned. Plans are to get some housework done, but you know I get so easily distracted with being outdoors this time of year. It will be a quick whip around just to keep the cobwebs down to a dull roar and the dust bunnies. Loads of time come winter when the weather turns cold. Will get a run around the hood early, getting harder to find those warblers. They are moving and feeding, getting ready to migrate. Might head out and visit a friend later if she's home today. It's been too long.
Had a good day yesterday. Things accomplished, except some research which is driving me mad, but sometimes that's how it goes. Good to take a break, maybe I'll see something with fresh eyes on Thursday. Went out for a walk after supper, wish those mosquitoes would disappear. I'm sure this is the worst year we've had for them, but it's a bit wetter than normal, I still see water in ditches and swamps, perfect breeding ground for the little blood suckers.
Red leaves already?
 I love the golden glow of the morning sun over the lake.

 Some bling among the silhouettes of the ducks.
 Nature's spinners.
Above: No one said there would be a parade!

This Black & White Warbler has a great pose.
Lovely evening on the lake.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thanks it was a warbler at the park!! Lots of ducks this morning and they were right up to the camper eating from Jeff's hand. All I wanted was a coffee and thank goodness Darlene offered to make me one!!(I probably looked like a duck waddling over in Billy's pjs with my empty cup begging for some java) Instant coffee on my list :) You enjoy your day off, Wednesday is my busy day but I love it!!