Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 236 - 23rd August 2013 - Birds, Queen Anne's Lace and Grandmother's Journal

I've had a rather sleepless night and up too early. Not sure why except there is something nagging in the back of my mind and I'm not sure what that is either. That little feeling of forgetting to do something. So I guess basically I don't know anything! At least it's Friday and that makes most of us pretty happy. Suppose to have a few showers, although doesn't sound like  a lot. I can see the water in the lake dropping, beaches are beginning to show.
What a busy day I had yesterday. Lots of people in doing research, etc.  This is my summer student's last week, so you know things would pick up and I'd be overrun. Oh well that's how it rolls sometimes. Not a great morning for birds on my walk, think this weekend we will try for some more shorebirds before they all disappear too. Exercise class last night - more punishment for the body - oh the things we do to stay in shape. Since I'm not a big fan of exercise except walking which I love, I can't believe that another week or so and I will have been at it a year. Some nights it feels like I just started but I joined the group the first of last September. How time flies.
Grandmother's Journal:
 23rd August 1974 - Fine Friday, overcast and rain overnight.
24th August 1974 - Mother, Ruth  up here 7:30 to go to Yarmouth. Gertrude went with us. Overcast but not a bad day. Foggy, stopped on our way back for Kenneth's wedding. More food. Home at 6 o'clock. Had my hair cut, washed and set. Small deer in swamp this side of Lore's. Spotted.
25th August 1974 - Beautiful fall day. The locus' are singing more. Birds not singing, very quiet. Swallows gone. Every day same.
 Slim pickings in the hood - just this little Song Sparrow.

 Of course we always have the ducks in the lake.
I'm seeing more Chickadees, they are back around and in the feeders too.

I took this one on Wednesday, not a great pic but you can see the red eye of the Red-Eyed Vireo.

Queen Anne's Lace is still looking good.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. You forgot ME!!! lol an interesting Shell presentation in Yarmouth and sounds like a great deal of activity offshore in the next several years....there were the usual TROLLS there and one who I just about wet my pants laughing at(I had to maintain a level of professionalism so went to the bathroom to chuckle) I will give you full details in person!! Thank good ness it is Friday :) See you at the campground