Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 241 - 28th August 2013 - Woodpeckers, Parulas and the Lake

Day off and lots to do. Humidity is high and they are giving a chance of showers, hoping it stays clear for my morning jaunt. Woke up several times during the night, but at least I went back to sleep rather than toss and turn for hours. We are heading out to Freeport, Digby Co. Friday night for the weekend - another adventure. Hoping the housesitter finishes up any housework that I don't get done today while we are gone. Nice to have someone tend the homestead.  Looking forward to the trip, although it will be rushed getting away and on the road Friday. Everything will fall into place. Roger has promised me a tour of the mudflats on Saturday, so that sounds really cool, I'm sure I'll find some new birds. Have to clean my camera today too so I'm ready.
Tuesday was busy at work but much better than Monday. That positive thinking really does the trick! Someone hit me next time I start to slump. Making headway with some things, or it feels that way. Had a great walk in the morning. I didn't make it far as the birds were flitting around so I hung  in one area for about 45 minutes trying to catch them. Had a nice walk after supper, not much around but a Hermit Thrush, enjoyed a cup of tea with Lois on her deck, catching up and solving the problems of the world or at least our lives.
 I think this is a juvenile woodpecker, not sure if he's downy or hairy.
 The Northern Parulas were so fun to watch.

 I think they are one of the cutest warblers.
 Looks like a female or young Northern Parula.

Still a few wildflowers around.
 Another lovely evening on the lake.
Hermit Thrush was acting shy.

Enjoy your day!

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