Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 217 - 4th August 2013 - Cobwebs, Foggy day, Nightshade, Away and Back Home again

I'm up a tad bit early for a Sunday morning, but will enjoy the peace and quiet and me time. The last few weeks have been hectic so it's nice to have an hour or so to myself. I can watch the sun rising from the deck with my coffee shortly, it's not quite as early as it used to be. Another sign that summer is passing way too quickly. Looks like it will be a sunny day, so I'll probably spend a little time roaming around the hood. The birds have been pretty quiet these last few days, perhaps the sunshine will draw them out. Larry I'm sure will spend some time in the garden or wood pile - his normal sunday.
Saturday was busy, we left for Freeport and Tiverton (NS) around 9:30 am to attend a funeral in the afternoon getting back home around 7:30pm. So it was a long day of mostly travelling, but good to see our friends even if it was for a short time and not a happy occasion. When their company all heads back and things quiet down I think they need a trip to our end of the country for a weekend of chilling out. I did get a chance to spend a few minutes down by the mudflats, mostly gulls today, some appeared to be young ones as they were begging for food from adults. On the way home we stopped for a quick bite to eat in Weymouth at the Weymouth Diner - we won't make that mistake again. Larry had some time after we got home to dig some potatoes, well I shouldn't say dig since they are planted in eelgrass and are really easy to harvest.
 Cobwebs in the morning.
 Waiting for the ferry to come back to East Ferry, we roamed around - thick fog.
 Couldn't actually see the ferry arrive until it was almost docked.
 Bittersweet Nightshade.
 Not so much fog on the Tiverton side.
 Lots of gulls at the mudflats in Freeport.
In the centre you can see one feeding the other.
 I think this is a Least Sandpiper but it might be a Semipalmated Sandpiper.

 The Ferry is returning to Tiverton and home we will go.
For just a few seconds the fog moved in front of East Ferry and you could see the tree tops, but not for long.

Enjoy your day!

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