Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 223 - 10th August 2013 - Fences, Flowers and the Big Chair

Of course you know it rained last night so we had to wait for the sun to pop out this morning before the internet returned. Oh I am so tired of this - but their response is we are seriously looking into this issue. Pleaseeee! Got out birding this morning for a bit, has been several days since I've had a chance and I'm getting a little anxious - never know what new maybe lurking around the next bush. It's also a great way to chill out and let your mind drift from the day to day issues, at least for a little while. Well we will be off to watch a few ball games today I'm sure and I need to whip up a batch of cookies too. Larry cooked us all up a big breakfast which should hold us for a few hours.
Friday passed, seemed a little hectic at times, frustrating at other times. Doing some research which is driving me round the bend so to speak. The more I dig and find the more confusing it gets, sometimes it's just best to walk away and take a break. Our company stopped in before I left work, they were heading for the ball field. Stopped and picked up groceries on the way home so I would find something to feed them when they arrived back afterwards. Not sure which is the least of the two evils - groceries on Friday night or Saturday morning, neither leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling.
 I love this old rusted fence. It stands almost hidden along the side of a house.
 More lilies from yesterday's garden. I went back again today.
 Soft and gentle colors.
 The sky was overcast - but I still like to see the boats in the harbour in the summer time.
 I was off for my tea at the Beandock, she wasn't open yet but I'm more of a backdoor customer anyway.
The big chair - so many people get enjoyment from this. Sometimes you'll see a whole family sitting in it having their pics taken.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Atleast you have internet ....even with disruptions. You missed a fun night at the ex..for those who have complained and written little forties finding fault my reply: STFU and volunteer ...especially if they have time to type a gripe on Facebook ..jmo but it is getting so frustrating. If they have a suggestion or idea submit it at the next exhibition meeting.
    Volunteering and trying to do things in your community is a THANKLESS job and for that reason I support taking the whiners out behind the shed and whipping them if they aren't willing to help that or break their fingers or jaws.

  2. Not forties "dittes" I hate auto correct lol