Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 215 - 2nd August 2013 - Fog, Hermit Thrush, Astilbe and Eagle

We've hit Friday and the end of the work week. Long weekend for some of us. Rah! I know, I shouldn't be wishing time away, but the week does go by pretty quickly. As child we alway thought I wish I was old enough for this or that, and time flew by and we were. Now it seems that the days and weeks go quickly and I don't have time to get things done that I want. It's alway good to take that time to do what's important to us, you never know what's around the corner. It's all about enjoying life, family and friends.
Had a good Thursday, people in, not as much accomplished as I would have liked but sometimes that happens. So William, Kate and the Royal Brood were back and I've missed them - the disadvantage of being at work. I hit the hood after supper (skipped exercise - promise I'll be in full swing again Monday) but no luck, now that they can all fly it's a little harder to track them down. I did come across the Eagle flying through the cove behind us. Still not a great photo, but they are improving, eventually I'll get a good one. Gave Larry instructions on fixing the washing machine, another reason I stayed home. I know, too many excuses.
Grandmother's Journal:
2nd August 1974 - Very hot foggy morning early. Home early. 4:30. Fran up for weekend. Mary Jane and family came today. Fran over for supper. Mike up for weekend. 
3rd August 1974 - Very foggy. Rain showers most of day. Hard afternoon. Worked all day. Visited with Fran in afternoon. Very Tired. Fran over for supper. Mike has been a big help with dogs and helping Bob. Weather is awful. Bob and Mike watered trees today. 
4th August 1974 - Humid and damp. Windy southeasterly. Bettie, Bobbie and Kim up for Mike. Mary Jane and Jimmie up for a short visit, Bobby B. here this afternoon. 
 Another foggy morning on the lake.
 This Hermit Thrush is really getting friendly, comes right out when I call.

 Looks like he might be a young Robin.
 Not sure what this is, but the berries are really a beautiful color.
 Here's our resident Eagle in flight.
 My Astilbe is looking good.
Thinking this might be one of Harriett's kids.

Enjoy your day!

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