Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 221 - 8th August 2013 - Birds, Fog, Clouds and Dragonflies

Another foggy morning and very cool. Looks like it will be another fine day. A better night's sleep and feel rested this morning. So for the next few day I have to travel with Larry, means no morning walk for me along the lake. Instead I'll catch an extra hour of work at the office, I guess that can be considered a good thing- maybe.
Wednesday was nice weather wise, maybe a little too warm or we were missing the breeze that we've had the last few days. Not a good morning watching friends say goodbye to their loved one, but I hope in the days/weeks to come they will heal and remember all the good memories that they've shared. Lois and I returned home, had tea on her deck and reflected on life. Her deck is one of those places that you can enjoy the lake and beauty of nature, making you feel a little bit better than when you arrived. Maybe the bond of friendship, childhood and school years helps solve all our woes.  I did manage a quick jaunt around the hood early after getting the pageant dress underway (finished it off when I got home). A few birds along the way. I was standing attempting to get a good photo of a common yellowthroat, and a neighbour and his dog were out walking. I'm trying to be very still and quiet. He walks by and says "he's still eating berries" - maybe I'm using the wrong technique! Finally tackled doing something with the basil we have growing in the kitchen garden. Made pesto to go with pasta last night for supper. It's easy and I needed something to pull the chicken and pasta together.
 Curious Cedar Waxwing checking out the yard yesterday morning.
 Umm...I see breakfast.
 The sun was breaking through the fog.
 Looks like a young song sparrow to me.
 Red Eyed Vireo. At least he came down low enough for me to see him.
 I love those big fluffy clouds that roll over the lake.
 My evening entertainment involved Dragonflies

Enjoy your day!

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