Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 218 - 5th August 2013 - Birds, Ducks, Sunflowers, Clouds and a Butterfly

Back to Monday, Larry's off to work this morning but I've got the holiday, so Rah for me! I'm happy to have an extra day home this week, Lexi and I will do some work around and roam the hood. Sounds exciting but really it's all I ask for - simple things in life are the best. Sometimes I forget to be grateful for all I have, but I am - family and friends. Thick fog out there but it should clear, chance of rain with thunder/lightning this afternoon but we won't hold our breath on that one.
I'm really more partial to the weather we've had this weekend, cools off in the weekend but sunny and warm during the day. Sunday was a great day, we hung out around home, worked inside and out, except for a few jaunts around the hood by me. A lot of my regular places were quiet, but I headed to a spot I haven't been for a week or so and found some young birds as well as lots of robins and woodpeckers. Seems that everywhere I looked today were woodpeckers. Cooked up a nice supper, love having fresh veggies from the garden - red potatoes, burgundy beans and yellow beets (Larry likes a colorful garden) with smoked haddock and egg sauce.
 There's always a song sparrow around to start the morning off.
 The ducks at Myrna's were hanging out on and under the deck.
 Another little song sparrow.
 Have decided this is a juvenile female Myrtle Warbler. I'm having the hardest time catching on to the  young birds!

 And this would be a 1 year old Common Yellow throated Warbler. His little black mask has not quite developed yet.
 Some kind of a bug Larry found for me.
Thanks to the birds or squirrels we have a few sunflowers, this one is just starting to open.
 Lovely fluffy clouds last evening over the lake.
Butterfly - love the eyes all over his wings.

One of the many Woodpeckers I saw. At one point I think I could have reached out and touched one. Such a cool feeling to have them so close.

Enjoy your day!

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