Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 220 - 7th August 2013 - Fog, Handpump, Hammock, Canoe and Flowers

I'm getting up earlier each day, hope this soon stops or I'll be up in the middle of the night - ugh. Makes for a long day. It's cool morning, +11.1 feels good when you get up. The stars are still out but there are promises for a fine sunny day. We've got company coming on the weekend, Larry's brother and youngest son. Will be a good weekend I'm sure. Ian has a ball tournament (so I guess we won't be cheering for the home team) and it's crazy for them to drive back and forth to Yarmouth. He also enjoys spending time with Uncle Larry and it means that Saturday morning I'll have to whip up some cookies. Might even find some time between games/before games to get some child labour in the woodpile - just kidding. Knowing Larry and Ian a fishing rod will be involved. Will have to think about meals too.
Am off today, but have a funeral to go to this morning, another friend has lost a parent. It's the third one I've gone to in as many weeks. Life is hard at times and this will be a difficult day for their family, losing a loved one is never easy. They have great strength and will make it through.
Another day of sunshine and a nice breeze. Hectic at work - but we always pay for that long weekend don't we. Home for leftovers and to start making a few adjustments to a dress for a young pageant princess. This is the week of our local Exhibition so lots of activities, including ox hauls and fair rides. I can remember [the good ol'] days of spending the whole week there. What fun my friends and I would have.
 Ducks feeding in the morning mist.
 An old fashioned hand pump sits ready for use in the cottage as I peek through the window.
Someone needs to empty their canoe, although I like the reflection of the tree.
 What a way to spend an afternoon - at the lake in the hammock with a book.
 I can't resist a good spiderweb when I see one. Must have taken all night to spin this one.
The Woodpecker seems to be a regular visitor at these posts.

The Phlox hedge is almost in full bloom - a favourite of the humming birds.
The Gayfeather is looking good too. Guess I've moved to a pink yard these days.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Will be thinking of your friends today as they say goodbye to their loved one. I like to think and hope that memories bring comfort but know that the days and weeks ahead will be filled with loss. Friends and family will help with the healing.
    Exhibition kicked off and we drove in on the bike ...missed your call lol no texting and talking on the bike oh sista Tam will be pleased I wore pants. A little chilly on the ride home ....we are beginning the transition into fall.
    Well I am off like you visitors for the weekend... Jacki is going to surprise a special princess by attending the pageant (top secret so whilst stitching keep your lips stitched)
    Have a good day