Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 225 - 12th August 2013 - Hummers, Fawns, Ducks and Flowers

Here we are back at Monday and the work week. Groan! Cool out there again this morning at +11, stars are all out, I'm up a bit early but am travelling with Larry still for another couple of days. No morning walk for me. My goal today is to clear a couple of things off my desk, where I'll put them is beyond me, but our summer student will soon be done so I want to put a drive on while I still have her. She's been a great worker and accomplished a lot these last few months but there is still lots to do. I think we'll probably have exercise class tonight and I need to whip my butt back in to that, but gently not too hard since it's been 2 weeks for me.
Larry whipped up homemade pancakes, I roamed the hood then it was off again. They lost their first game so that was the end of ball for this season. Truthfully, not sure if I could have taken another couple of hours. They came up and we had lunch after and then headed home again. The house returned to normal mid afternoon. It was nice spending time with family. Being an Aunt is so much fun, no matter how old they are.
 Haven't spent much time with the Hummers yet so thought I'd take a few yesterday morning.
 She's pretty cute.

 On the way home from the ball game we saw these two little guys. No mom around.

 The ducks were having fun.
 Butterflies are beautiful.
And I was creeping around in Lois' garden to see what new she had in bloom.

Enjoy your day!

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