Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 233 - 20th August 2013 - Lake, Birds and Waves

Stars are all out and it's still dark, dawn will be coming soon. A chance of rain for today - thundershowers is what the forecast says. Well you know what that means; Tuesday and no internet. Last week Larry saw someone up by the tower taking pictures of a pine tree - the culprit they claim. I suppose they will be another month cutting it down. Guess no one noticed that big tree when the put the tower up. Just dumb! Lots to do today.
Another Monday past and not bad for a change. Nice to have a fairly successful start to the week. Weather was fabulous, am really liking the cool morning and warmer days. Exercise class last night, sure I'm going to be hurting this week and I fell off the ball again. That ball and I really don't get along well. Larry came home with another pail of beans last night from the garden. Busy time of year with the garden producing faster than we can get the stuff done up.
 Pretty peaceful on the lake.
 Seems like I'm finding less Warblers, but I did spot this Black and White having breakfast.

 Chickadee in the bushes.
 He was preening and getting prettied up.
Woodpecker enjoying his breakfast too.

 Thought I'd sneak a few pics in of the beach from Sunday.

Enjoy your day!

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