Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 226 - 13th August 2013 - Ducks, Cobwebs, Ravens and Boats

Still dark out there this morning, daylight doesn't come as early as it use to.  I can see the long days of summer shortening up already. I couldn't believe when I typed day 226 that we are now on the down side of the year.  I'm tired this morning, didn't sleep well last night, not sure why. Suppose to be some rain today and tonight, hoping it clears on Wednesday so I can get out and chase some birds around in between the dreaded housework. Would like to roam a few different places, they seem to be moving from my regular haunts. At least this is my last morning travelling with Larry and being in town too early.
Glad Monday is behind us for another week. Not one of my stellar days.  Even though a certain instructor worked us awful hard last night at exercise class, I was glad to be back and have her in the front pushing us onward! Not sure how she missed the "be gentle" message we all sent. It felt good and worked off some of the frustrations of the day.
 The ducks enjoying a bit of "bling" in the morning light.
 I love looking at the webs as the sun hits them.
 Well what can one say, they are rather handsome.
The harbour has been pretty in the mornings with the boats, but I miss my walks around the lake.
 A lone seagull.

Enjoy your day!

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