Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 232 - 19th August 2013 - Fog, Flowers and Shore Birds

Monday has rolled around once again and off to work we go. Looks like it's going to be another fine day, but rain in the upcoming forecast. Still dark out there this morning, stars are out but dawn definitely is getting later. This is the last week for my summer student so there are lots of things I want to clean up and finish off this week. Hopefully I'll have some success. Exercise class tonight.
Sunday was a great day! I snuck out of the house early and went for my 2 hour walk in the morning, but it was pretty quiet - just the ducks, a few song sparrows, but nothing new. It was fairly quiet in the hood, not a lot of people up at 7am on a Sunday morning. Larry had breakfast ready when I got back and I was so hungry. Did the normal housework etc. Cooked a ham so we could have the afternoon free. Chris and the boys arrived late morning so Larry hung out with them for a while. We had an early supper and headed to Round Bay beach to see if there were any shore birds around. The tide was coming in so we didn't have a whole lot of time, figured that would be the closest place to go with fewer people. I treated us to a Dairy Treat when we got back to town and we visited the campers at the park.
Early morning on the lake.
 Can't wait for this to bloom, love the color.
 The bees were busy today, glad to see some around.
 Saw this fellow on my walk.
 He was out for a walk when we were driving to Round Bay.
 Semipalmated Plover at Round Bay Beach.
 Semipalmated Sandpiper.
 I took so many photos it was hard to pick a few out.
 Can't go to the beach without taking photos of the waves.
Several times they took off but just landed again not too far from us. Had to do a lot of crawling on my stomach to get where I wanted to be.

Riding the waves!

Enjoy your day!

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