Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 208 - 26th July 2012 - Woodpecker, the Lake and more Hummers

Thursday morning and I can see dawn on the horizon, looks like another nice day. Temperature is +11.3 which is actually not bad for sleeping [with a fan going and the window open]. The air feels crisp and clear these day. Not sure what's on the agenda today at the office but I bet there is lots to do - there always is!

Lexi and I had a lovely day off. Weather was beautiful - sun in the sky, nice breeze. We did a bit of laundry, got the dress shortened, made cookies, cooked chicken for Thursday night and scallops for last night - they were so fresh and good. Even tried a new recipe with a few adjustments since I didn't have all the ingredients - roasted zucchini sticks and they were great. It was a nice evening as well, watched the birds out the kitchen window - lots of robins in the yard, sparrows in and out of the fence, hummingbirds at the feeder. Two things on my list for winter - some bird feeders and always have clean kitchen windows!

By request I've delved back into my grandmother's journals.
26 July 1972
Rain early this morning. Cleared before dinner. Has been a lovely day here. We could hear thunder in the big clouds in the north. Kentville had a bad storm - 1.16 inches rain in less than hr. Unbelievable. So nice here. Quite cool to nite. Fran over a minute this afternoon late. Just the usual day. Had vegetables from Dick's (Bower) garden. Peas were so good. Kim full of pep  helping her grandfather. Class was here all day. Nice dog - no time to rain her but she catches on quickly. Planes going like crazy tonight. Didn't go to town today. So nice to stay home.

25July 1973
Another lovely hot day. I went to work alone. Home 2:30 so tired tonight. Lovely sunsets and cool evening.
26 July 1973
Cloudy and fog in morning. Went to town to work. Golfing in the afternoon not a good day. Over cast. Home 15 to 6.

26 July 1974
To town early as usual, overcast. Garden real good now. Still some strawberries. Shelled peas, sugar peas and over to Chalis and Jack's for supper. Real nice. Took sugar peas, swiss chard, lettuce, turnips and carrots. Had a good time. Gertrude and I played crib until 3 o'clock. [This were some of the "Summer People" - several families that had places in the area from various places in the USA. ]

It's been almost a week since Lexi and I walked through the woods in the hood. Ran across this woodpecker.
Another of those not so wild plants in the forest - hosta.
The lake was lovely today.
Lexi and I waded around in the lake for a few minutes.
You'll have to suffer through some more hummingbird pics, since I had fun watching them yesterday afternoon.

This was one of my favourite shots.
He's always on alert, you can see another one buzzing in from the lower right hand corner.
I think he loves the attention of the camera.  That was my day off - pretty sweet I think!
Will soon be time for Larry and Lexi to get out of bed, so I think I'll savour this first cup of coffee. Enjoy your day!

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