Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 209 - 27th 2012 -Sparrows, the Lake and Sailboats

The end of the work week folks! What are your plans for the weekend? There is so much to do in Shelburne County Saturday and Sunday, I can't wait. Harmony Bazaar is going on in Lockeport and the Tall Ships will be in Shelburne. I'm heading to Lockeport on Saturday and will spend most of the day and evening there, then Sunday we will enjoy the ships. Oh I can see lots of photos this weekend.
I'm up  a bit earlier than normal this morning but that's ok. I can hear the rain on the deck and we need it.  Colin and I have lots to get through today, the Society will be on the Water front for a while Saturday selling books etc. so need to get things ready for that.

Thursday was another day in a great week! Not sure how much we actually got accomplished, but we've had nice researchers in this week which makes things very worthwhile and the book has been selling well. RAH!

I enjoy watching these little sparrows sitting in the fence.
Just like little acrobats!
Very peaceful on the lake yesterday morning.
Even saw a duck in the morning. Had to snap quick as Nanc was ready for me.
The sailing school was out again today.
The lake was calm again last evening, not a sound in the air, nor a ripple in the water. Must be a storm brewing.

Hope you all have a great Friday! Enjoy your day!

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