Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 205 - 23rd July 2012 -Daisies, Rivers and Birds

It's Monday again, well no complaints from me this week. Had a great weekend with loved ones and friends and that will carry through a busy work week. No more will I have lemons in my life, only lemonade. Got lots to do the next few days, purging some things, have to pick up the chairs from Friday and bring them back, etc.

Sunday was another beautiful day with a light breeze. Worked around the house in the morning and Larry did some outside stuff, then we headed out for a drive in the country, over to visit friends in Upper Clyde. It was a great afternoon. I love getting caught up on all the news and having a good laugh or two. Came home and had more swiss chard/beet greens and fresh peas with our supper. Nothing like fresh vegetables from the garden. Larry shelled out a bunch of peas in the evening to go in the freezer for the winter when we can no longer pick fresh from the garden. Peas are plentiful this year!

Irene always has beautiful daisies by the side of the cottage.
I love this view.
Nice little bit of color on the side of a barn.
The beginning of the vineyard. Wonder how long before we can do a wine tasting?
These two were so cute, a sparrow of some kind is my best guess.
Looks like  a parent and fledgling, they were flitting all over the yard.
The Hummingbirds were just crazy today in the yard, maybe the babies have been on the loose too as there seems to be more than usual. They are all just zipping around the yard chasing one another. However, this fellow spends a lot of time guarding his feeder. I see the females are allowed in but that's all.
He also likes to sit on this ash shovel that's on the back fence.
Time to get my coffee into me and start the week! Enjoy your day!


  1. Just drinking my coffee, been home two loads of laundry done, one folded and the floors vacuumed :) No rest for me to Bridgewater for the new glasses and to see if i can get the contacts in and out. Jorsan sees Crawford tomorrow and Billy for his ct scan tomorrow. It was great to have you over for a visit and you do not haveto bring garden goodies but they were awesome...thanks to Farmer Larry. Well you have a productive day and again nice photos :)

  2. hope things went well with the eyes, and tomorrow for the rest of the family! Day was productive and good. Don't mind bringing produce one little bit, Larry picked more yesterday!