Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 198 - 16th July 2012 - Memories, Daylillies and the Lake

Monday morning once again. Suppose to rain today, we'll see. Lots to do at work today, so the day will pass in a flash - although there are a few things to deal with that will probably not make for a good day. Lets hope that they happen early and get out of my hair.

Since I've had some requests, I'm delving back into my Grandmother's journals.
15th July 1972 - Got up real early to get ready for the LorĂ©s. Made beans, steamed brown break roll and washington pie before Kim & Bob got up.  Got their breakfast. They went to town for ice. Weather was still the same humid and foggy morning and night. Some sun during day. Haven`t yet seen the new moon as there has been so much fog. Had a good party at Simmons, there was 12 all together. Got home 11 o`clock. Had ham, salads, potatoe salad, steamed brown br. rolls, hot milk washington pie, a jelly dessert. Sure miss the fridge. Ticks are awful.

16th July 1972 - Same weather. Quiet day. Slept in late. Bobby, Bettie and boys came up. Kim decided to go home with them. Garden is good. Every night porkies [porcupines] in trees destroying. Also drove down road as they are doing some road work. Simmons gone to Blanche for a few days. Day lillies real pretty. Game in the afternoon. [Red Sox Ball game] Zucchini in bloom. Can hardly wait. Think of dad as this is his birthday date. [Bert Morton, died Jan. 1970]

15th July 1973 - Humid, overcst, all day rain very light. Company all afternoon and evening. Got nothing done on the weekend. To bed early, tired as if worked hard all day. Bettie picked berries [strawberries], small now.

16th July 1973 - To town overcast. Looked rainy until night. Then lovely sun set. Had peas since last friday - wonderful.

Funny how in 1972 the weather was similiar to what we are having now, but in 1973 there seemed to be lots of rain. Reading through the pages I remember some things as if they happened yesterday, and other things I don't recall at all. Summer was lots of fun in Middle Clyde, the "summer people" were all there, big gatherings were held on a regular basis and I got to work in the garden and train at least one dog or there was often a litter of pups to play with.
Finally - I am seeing what these daylillies look like.
Love this color.
The last of my Loyalist roses for another year.
Another beautiful day on the lake, even though they were giving a chance of thunder showers in the afternoon.
Even though we seem to be having a dry period, the beach is not as low as I've seen it this time of year.
Time to get a few things done before going to work. Enjoy your day!


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    1. Washington Pie is not really a pie, it's a layer cake with jam between the 2 layers and frosting over the top/sides.