Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 210 - 28th July 2012 - Harbour seagulls/Lake seagulls, Clouds and Boats

It's Saturday and Harmony Bazaar day for me in Lockeport. I am pumped! Battery is charged for the camera. Going to meeting my cousin Tam in town and catch a ride down with her. Hopefully that change of showers they are calling for doesn't materialize this afternoon. In case you don't know Harmony Bazaar is a showcase of fabulous female musicians, artists etc. It's been running a few years now and getting more powerful each year. Tomorrow we'll catch the Tall Ships that are in Shelburne. It's a busy weekend.

Well what a mish mash Friday was. Rained in the morning. Started off really good, lost power shortly after 11am. How many times do you reach for the computer keyboard when the power is out? A lot! HA!HA! First they said 2pm, then it was 4:30-5pm so I told Colin we might as well close up and he could go home. I had to hang around anyway and wait for Larry. No big deal. Just chilled for a bit, power came on at 3:15 so I was around. Nice evening, walked over and caught up on all the news with Lois. Good laughs - lots of laughs!
You are getting some leftovers from the last few days. Didn't take my camera friday as it was raining, and was charging the battery in the evening.
Seagull on the reef. There is usually one or more birds hanging out here.
Sailing school.
The Lake Deception Seagull.
Just a hint of color in the evening sky.

A little bit of blue sky peeks through the clouds.

Time to get another coffee, Larry and Lexi are still in bed and I'll leave them for a while longer. My quiet time. Need to pack up my camera bag, am going to travel light today.
Enjoy your day!

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