Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 196 - 14th July 2012 - Lawn Sprinklers and the Lake

Saturday has arrived, temperature is +17. Every morning starts off kind of foggy and hazzy lately, but this morning I don't see any cobwebs. I think it will still be another hot day. This moring is going to be super busy, have to meet Ulrich at 9am to turn over the book for printing, grab groceries and Larry wants to  be back in town by 10am. He's promised to help someone out with some stuff. We are invited to Glenn's for supper, Larry will get some greens from the garden to take, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't make a dessert or something too. I don't like going anywhere empty handed. Maybe I'll toss a trifle together, that's easy, doesn't take a lot of time but very tasty! Lexi and I will be on our own most of the day so I guess it will be minor housework, laundry and walks. More folklore - Danny says he heard his "first locust  means 3 months to the first frost"! Nothing to worry about we still have the long days of summer for a while.

When I did my post yesterday I didn't clue in that the 13th of July was "Friday the 13th". Well the morning proved to be that kind of day, initially I thought there might be a full moon involved too, but the nuttiness petered out, thank goodness.
A little sparkle on the lake this morning, the fog disappeared very quickly and the sun skipped across the water.
A few dew droplets hang from the moss.
A neighbour had their lawn sprinkler on last evening.
I moved around and took a few shots at a different angle behind the trees. I think it's kind of cool.
Sometimes the simple things in life entertain me.
A water bug skips through the reeds.
Once again, a lovely evening on the lake.
Time to do up my grocery list, and get moving. Enjoy your day.

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