Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 191 - 9th July 2012 - Hammocks, Blueberries and the River Bend

Monday again. Why are the weekends only made up of two days? Temperature is +11.1 and looks like it will be another nice day. The weather forecast is sunny all week, going to be really hard forcing myself out the door and away from my country life. Oh well, it's going to be a busy week so guess I better not complain too much. Once I get there it's really ok.

Sunday was a wonderful day, sunny with a nice breeze - just perfect! Did a minimal amount of house work, didn't do any office work and just kind of enjoyed life. Went down to the boat ramp and  neighbour's after lunch with my tripod.  Cheryl and my brother are telling me - tripod, tripod, tripod. So I took the 3-legged stick and off I went. Don't you hate it when people are right. It's not that  I have anything against the tripod, it's just awkward to lug around in my mind. Sid says attach the camera to the tripod and sling it over your shoulder. This advise makes me very nervous, not sure if I'm quite ready for that yet.  I did get some great photos of Shelly's son swimming and clowning around in the lake. It's like a three ring circus there, the kids came across several snakes - oh the hooting out of them (they aren't fans of snakes). After I got back we packed up (including the tripod) and headed over to Upper Clyde for a drive.

It was a great day on our lake for kayaking.
In our friends backyard is a bend in the river, I think is one of the prettiest spots around.
So our friends weren't home, I think they were off roaming around the neighbourhood somewhere, but we walked around and took some photos. Larry thought about trying out the hammock.
I'm not really sure what kind of berries these are.
And the blueberries are ripening. Larry picked a cup full - hope you don't mind.
Another view of the river, just can't help myself!
The Thistle, like myself it's roots are in Scotland.
Love a rambling rose over an old fence.
And our beautiful girl, Lexi. It was time to head home. Larry made a quick trip to the garden so we could have fresh Swiss chard to go with supper. Nothing like fresh vegetables from the garden.
Time to check my emails and  get my stuff together for the day ahead.
Enjoy your day!

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