Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 184 - 2nd July 2012 - Waves, Lobster and Crabs

Ah, it's Monday, but the kind of Monday I can handle .......we are still on the holiday weekend!Rah! Temperature is +16.4 but it doesn't look as nice out as it did the last few mornings. Those weather people are giving a chance of thunder showers this morning. Shame on them. Another lazy day? more photos? Not sure what we'll do. Kind of nice to have no set plans.

Canada Day was a perfectly beautiful day. We decided to pack a picnic and head to a beach with our cameras. First we stopped at Jones' Harbour and took some photos, then we moved on to Johnson's Pond. There were a few people around. People we know were there with all their family - kids, grandchildren etc. They were making a day of it, then heading to Lockeport for the fireworks. The only problem here is there are a lot of beach rocks to go over before getting to the beach which isn't all that great in sandals, but still worth it. And it's a spot where the piping plovers nest, lots of signs posting nesting areas. Hopefully no one disturbed them. Enough chatter, on to photos, and I was happier with the quality I took [almost 500 photos].
This was at Jone's Harbour, but I'm not sure what it's for - a stupid guess - drying fish?
Buoy's piled up by the wharf, wait for another season of fishing.
So many photos of the surf, I don't know what to post.
I'm not sure whether this is a Sandpiper of some sort or a Willet.
We even found a little lobster.
And some more waves.....
Two crabs!
Of course there are always gulls at the beach.
Someone's canoe, guess they must have paddled over from the other side.
A little bit of green to add to all the blue sky and blue water of today!
Seems I over did it with the photos, but it makes  up for my neglect last week!
Enjoy your day!