Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 203 - 21st July 2012 - Sunrises and Chickadees

Saturday and the sun came up without me this morning. How nice for a change. I did have a bit of help, took a sleeping pill and went to bed early last night,was wiped out. But I did get some very much deserved uninterrupted sleep. Today I've got to meet Laura on the waterfront around noon so we can sell 50/50 tickets, will do some groceries and hopefully visit some friends who are camped out at Island's Park. I've seen a picture of the camper so I use that word loosely - looks more like a not so small house. We'll also check out some of the Founder's Day activities too.

Perfect day yesterday. I saw the saw coming through the trees early in the morning and headed down to the neighbours yard in my pj's, got some nice sunrise photos. The book launch went along without a hitch thanks to a lot of people who helped out and attended.
The chairs sit so quietly in the shadow of the lake waiting for the sun.
A touch of color in the clouds above reflect in the lake.
The colors were soft.
So the sunrise starting my day, what better way to put a person in a good mood.
Down on Dock St. lunch time I noticed the ship that they set afire last night as part of the Founder's Day celebrations - might have been pirates, not sure.
Lots of chickadees in the trees along the road when I went for my walk after supper, last evening.
So cute sitting on the telephone line.
And of course to finish off the day... the lake.
Since I'm late, must get moving. Enjoy your day!

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