Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 189 - 7th July 2012 - Woodpeckers, Hummingbirds and A very quiet lake

It's Saturday, what to do, what to do.........sure we will find some housework, proofreading etc. but maybe we can find something more entertaining to do too. Weather sounds a bit wet - just showers they say. This evening is our photography exhibit, and I'll multi task with a trip to the grocery store too. The price of gas has gone up, so it's just as easy to make one trip to town and do everything, not that I really one to go twice anyway. Once I get snuggled in to my country setting, I have very little desire to leave.

So Friday came and went, the weekend has rolled around. Good stuff! Yesterday seemed like it went by quickly, Colin and I worked on things that had nothing to do with what we should have done but it was kind of fun and a change of pace. We might have even done something good. Raced home, grabbed supper and head back to town last evening to watch Ian play ball. It was not a long game but we enjoyed it and I managed a few decent photos which I posted for him on his Facebook page.

I heard rap-tap-tap at the back door and here was this friendly fellow pecking away at the post that holds up the overhang over the back door.
Following him, was this little girl having a drink.
When she got ready to leave.......
Her chubby little boyfriend came along, resting on the fence.
Uncomplicated water required!
There wasn't much happening on the lake when I walked over to meet Nancy.
I don't see any pretty sunrises coming through this morning, just overcast and gray. Just poured another coffee, and I guess I can manage an hour or so of proofreading while everyone else is still in bed.
Enjoy your day!


  1. Tip: >> ......... is too many ellipses..:)Three ellipses are plenty...and—also, an em—dash is always good as well. Find me at @cagestokerblog

  2. Thanks for the tip, guess early in the morning, I am heavy handed with the...!LOL!

  3. I use the ... all the time and don't really think about it, certainly not that it would be bugging people enough to comment. I love the metal flower...easy, carefree and you can spray paint them any colour you want!