Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 188 - 6th July 2012 - Backyard Birds and Storm Clouds

So we've made it to Friday, how come short weeks never feel short. Still too dark to see what the day is going to be like, weather wise. It appears I have both Internet and my telephone back, seems the day is starting off better. The temperature is +19.6 and humid. Saturday night is our photography exhibit at the Osprey Centre. If you are handy, come on out, it's from 7-8pm. I think there are 14 of us involved. That's about the excitement this weekend, although I suspect there will be a lot of proof reading for me, [sigh!]

Thursday started off very poorly with a damp misty morning and no Internet for me. I ranted about that yesterday, however, today we'll make a plan of action to do something about it. Other than that the day didn't go too bad. Got our books moved, thanks to Colin and Susan.  Our Water St. book had a couple of flying photos, which I had to fixed up and anchor down where they were suppose to be and give back to the printer. Should have the proof back today. Other than that fun stuff, uneventful. For several hours from supper time we had rain, thunder, lightning, etc., what a storm. Although it cleared off and the evening was lovely.

Think I need to do some clipping around these flowers, but they aren't really in a garden, just on their own.
Usually after supper there are a few birds around the backyard, saw this Flicker hunting for bugs in the grass.
Comes from the same family as the Woodpecker.
Can always see a Robin  or two around the yard.
He's got kind of a funny expression on his face!
I caught a glimpse of yellow in the lilac bush and found this pretty yellow finch.
And this was the sky at supper time, with some thunder rolling through, didn't take long for the rain to burst forth!
Well folks time to move on to another coffee and get the things rolling! Enjoy your day!

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