Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 187 - 5th July 2012 - Foggy Mornings turn to Sunny Days

So once again I wake up to a hazy, misty morning and no internet. Thank you Eastlink! I think today is the day that war is declared. With the monthly price we pay, and considering the Government paid them millions of dollars to install this system so "EVERYONE" in Nova Scotia could have high speed internet, I'm more than slightly annoyed.

Another fine and lovely day on Wedneday, weather wise. I of course had gotten up in the middle of the night so was a bit sluggish as they day wore on. Lexi and I did curl up on the sofa and had a quick nap until a telemarketer called. I thought there were suppose to be less of them these days, seems to me we are getting more. We managed some light housekeeping, a few hours of office work and a couple of laps around the neighbourhood.
This was what the lake looked like yesterday morning - thick fog, couldn't see anything except what was right in front of you.
Every once in a while you could see it peeking through.
It became bigger and brighter as  I patiently waited.
Reflections in the lake.
And finally I could see some of the islands and trees.
A little company joined me.
But it wasn't long and the skies were blue with big clouds.
Lexi enjoyed wading in the lake around lunch time.
My Tiger Lilies are beginning to bloom. Rather pretty orange flowers.
Stopping to smell the roses.
Anyway folks, sorry for the lateness of the morning! Enjoy your day!

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