Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 185 - 3rd July 2012 - Squirrels, Ducks and sights along the Lake

Back to work this morning, ah! It's been nice to be home for a few extra days with great weather. Oh well, guess we have to go, I know there is lots to do and will need to get some thing caught up that were set on the back burner last week.

Monday was another beautiful day. It's hard to believe that we had a long weekend with sun every single day and very warm temperatures. I continued into my trend of doing little or nothing. Did get a load of laundry done, dishes and cooked supper, other than that - zip! Headed out before lunch with camera and tripod in search of that elusive warbler that I can hear in the woods but never see long enough to get a decent photo of. No luck again today, so I just continued through the path to the lake, stopping to take photos through/in neighbour's yards along the lake until I found myself at Nancy's. By then I was ready for a break and something cold to drink. I hitched a ride back out to the main road with her when she went for the paper. My energy had slipped after taking a break.
First I found this little fellow, sassy and chattering away, thought he might jump on me once but......
A few of the ducks were out as well.
I watched them very quietly go from one part of the cove to another.
Not a ripple on the lake, just a few water lilies, lily pads and reflections from the trees.
Roses in one yard.
Very busy woodpecker along the way.
Shinleaf, growing in the woods. My grandmother taught me many of the wildflowers and the birds, unfortunately some I have forgotten but am relearning.
Lots of great seating, and a wonderful view here.
Love the summery welcome!
Swimming anyone?
Interesting clouds  over the lake and my walk is done.
Time to drink my coffee, check emails, etc. and get the day going.
Enjoy your day!

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