Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 200 - 18th July 2012 - Painted rocks and Sailing boats

Another too early morning, temperature +18.9 which means it's humid again. Uggh! Lots of work today, well we have to clean up some of yesterday's mess that was made!And get ready for Friday's book launch, am hoping that the books come today. Lunch with several friends today. I can see the day filling up!

Wow, can't believe it, I've done 200 days. Well over the half way mark now! It was a dirty day yesterday, but better than Monday. We culled through some of our books that we had stored to see what we actually have [these are books we publish and sell]. Some were water damaged and had to be destroyed, most were ok, but we are way overstocked on several publications and really need to move them. Then I decided to go through the old financial records/files that we had on the top shelf. Why did they keep so many! Back I went to 1989 - groan. There is now 7-8 boxes that will have to be shredded. As they say purging is a good thing! This is all good, as we can now free up some space. As a non-profit, with archival donations which come in frequently we are always trying to be creative with space.

Kind of foggy yesterday morning on the lake.
There was a family reunion on the weekend in the neighbourhood, I see some new colored rocks on their beach.
When I went to the BeanDock at lunch time I noticed the little sailboats out in the harbour. I assume they are part of the sailing school taught through the Yacht Club.
They were pretty cool to watch.
I like the little boat in the middle. I wondered if the motor boat was an instructor.
The Sailing School is a great idea.
The motor boat pulls away.  It was fun to watch the boats. I'm sure there will be races this weekend as part of the Founder's Day Celebrations, perhaps I'll take my camera and check it out.
Well time to get mobile, have to catch an early ride this morning!
Enjoy your day!

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