Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 192 - 10th July 2012 - Sailing boats, Signs and Hummingbirds

I awoke from a very deep sleep to the sounds of our lovely Lexi barking at 3:30am this morning - Groan - it will be  a long day. She's a great watchdog but I wish she would learn that the deer in the yard are not really intruders. We have a sensor light at the door which points at the driveway, great when you come home late, but the wildlife triggers it as well. It was on when I came down stairs. Of course, she is now curled up and asleep again and I am watching Inspector Morse. Oh well, too late to moan now. Temperatures are better the last few nights for sleeping, +11 right now. So far it looks like fine weather right through to the weekend.

Monday came and went. The day was sunny with a lovely breeze, my favourite kind of day. I spent the day indexing the Water Street book. Oh my, I did manage to get 133 pages done, but one photo has gone MIA, and somewhere along the day MSWord decided to change my page #'s. Of course throughout the day it froze up, etc. I decided at 4:15 to save it one more time and close it down. I'll fix the page numbering problem in the morning, find my missing photo and continue on. Still need to go through and do a final proofreading. I caught a few ends and odds today, so hopefully there won't be much more. I'll put Colin's fresh pair of eyes on that job! HA!HA! Took a few photos on the waterfront while I was waiting for Larry to pick me up after work.
It's always nice to watch the boats in the harbour. Beautiful sky and water this afternoon.
The sun was shining on the water, sparkles like lots of bling!
The top of Cox's Warehouse against the sky with just a few white fluffy clouds.
Street Signs!
Yum, Ice Cream, perfect for these kind of days.
I love watching this little fellow. He sits on the fence and goes through all kinds of antics!
Fluffing the feathers a bit.
When the light hits his neck you can see the red.
I think he has an itch.
Well I must as well get a few things underway, and see where the day takes me. Hair appointment this afternoon, am so looking forward to that, beginning to feel like a shaggy dog! Enjoy your day!

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