Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 195 - 13th July 2012 -Foggy Mornings lead to sunny days.

TGIF - Thank God it's Friday. Temperature is +12, this morning. Daylight is coming, but I can still see the crescent of the moon in the sky. Fog again, cobwebs on the grass but it's suppose to be another fine day. My nephew who now lives away and is home on holidays finally paid us a visit last night, of course this was after I threatened to disinherit the boy. When he's home, he spents most of his time catching upon his sleep and being fed by his grandparents. Usually his routine is wake up in time to get up town for dinner with my dad. I guess I'll have to do some baking over the weekend before he goes back. I told him if he didn't warn me before he came there would be no cookies, etc. Not that anything is still in the box when he flies back as he usually has eaten it all. The first place he heads is my pantry wondering if there is anything to eat. He's 25 now, and can pick me up and swing me around like a rag doll, but I still think of him as being 10.

Book is finished, again. Hopefully I can turn it over to Ulrich today. Would love to know it was out of my hair. Got the launch planned, Colin did up posters, they will go around on Monday, will contact some people and he put the notice up on our Facebook page. Overall, the day went well! Rah!!

The fog was trying to lift yesterday morning as I along the lake road. I stopped and snapped a few photos, it almost has a spooky look. Perhaps from a thriller movie. There were lots of cobwebs on the grass so I knew it would turn into a hot did!

Two lonely chairs waiting for the fog to leave and the sun return.
Almost every time I look out the kitchen window I can find him sitting here or snacking from the feeder which is not far away. I so enjoy watching him.
A Grackle, I think. Not my favourite bird, but they seem to roam around the lawn.
Just playing around with some stuff, wish they would hurry up and open.
Guess it's time to move the day forward. I can hear Larry's alarm going off, but he's already up, that really bugs me!
Enjoy your day!

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