Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 201 - 19th July 2012 - Flowers, a silent Harbour and Lake.

Ah it's Thursday and my day off this week. Woke up to another warm morning, it's +19.2. Promises to be another hot one. Happy to be home today, will give me a chance to defrag my brain before the launch tomorrow - yes I get a little nervous before these things and some work around the house is a good cure. Then there is that speech issue I have to do today. I always believe that they should be short and sweet. No one really needs to hear me rattle on for ever.

Wednesday was a hot, humid day. Just before supper time the temperature was still +32. Started to cool down a bit later but didn't feel like much. We spent the day moving chairs, table, getting things ready for the book launch on Friday. I dislike leaving everything to the last minute - never know what will crop up. Had lunch at the Beandock with the girls from the museum, Karen from Halifax and Trina, was nice to catch up and have a good laugh or two. Went for a walk after supper, must be too warm for even the birds, hardly a sound and the lake was silent as well.

What a great idea to decorate a gate.
Places are getting decorations up for the weekend!
The Big Chair on Dock Street. Everyone loves taking photos in this chair!
The Harbour was very calm yesterday morning.
Hadn't scoped out Lois' flowers for a while, so took a roam around after I stopped for a visit. She always has some nice flowers and everything looks wonderful.
Lovely roses in bloom.
The lake has definitely gone down a lot this week - the rocks are sure showing.
Quiet on the lake as I peek around the upper corner of the cove.
Well time to have my coffee and check emails, etc. Enjoy your day!


  1. "silent harbour" lol not so silent through the night....we are still at Island's Park and moved to another area last night. Our site is awesome with a panoramic view of the harbour. Mother Nature sure lit it up last night...what a light show. Kasey and Billy snored through it and I opened the blinds and watched and listened :) Hope you have a good day and the "defrag process" goes well.....busy day tomorrow but then the weekend to de-flag ....Have an awesome day big sista

  2. Much better, glad to hear from the silent sista!LOL!