Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 197 - 15 July 2012 - Frogs, Holly Hocks and the Setting Sun

Up early for a Sunday, well my normal hour - 5:30am, but since I was late going to bed, I would have enjoyed another 1/2 hour of sleep. Feels humid this morning, temperature is +18, sun is coming up. I have absolutely no idea what today is going to bring, so I'll just go with the flow. I know Larry is busy part of the day, so Lexi and I will entertain ourselves I'm sure.

As predicted, Saturday turned out sunny and warm. Lexi and I got out for a walk in the afternoon, I saw a Kingfisher but I was so surprised that I didn't get my camera in position fast enough, even when he made a second pass at me. We enjoyed our evening at Glenn's for supper. Actually Peter looked after the ribs and they were delicious. Glenn and Larry did up the potatoes, sugar peas and the greens we had brought. Glenn's brother David was there as well. So David and I were taste testers.  All I can say is that I'm glad I grew up with brothers, since I was the only female there, I don't blush easy. It was all in fun though. And did I mention there was strawberry shortcake for supper.  After we ate, while the boys did dishes I took the camera and tripod down across the road to David's place which is closer to the shore. It was a nice evening out.
Frogs don't move as fast as Kingfishers, so this was my second prize.
They open up a little more each day, but they seem to be slow to me, maybe it's the same as "a watched pot never boils".
Pale pink Holly Hocks from Glenn's yard.
A loon takes off from the river.
Golden hues with just a touch of pink this evening as the sun was going down over the Jordan River.
As pretty as it was, I think I'm partial to sunrises, just way easier for me to do.
The sun dipped behind the clouds for just a moment.
Lots of Brown Eyed Susans. By this time the mosquitoes were just about carrying me away so I head back up to the house.
Well folks, time to take my turn in Scrabble, check the emails and the rest of the household will soon be up. Enjoy your day.

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