Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 194 - 12th July 2012 - Clintonia Berries and Daylily buds

Thick fog this morning, but I'm sure it will burn off and be another warm day. Thursday and I'm off to work to hopefully finish off the Water Street Chronicles. Tomorrow it will be handed back to the printer and I just have to get the launch sorted it out. In another week it will be all over and we will have moved on to something else.

Warmer yesterday, and I found a little more humid. My day off, Lexi and I hung out, tweaked the index, did some housework and visited with Lois for a bit on her deck. Nothing spectacular - my life is somewhat dull, but that's ok too. 

What's been really nice  is that we are eating beet greens and swisschard from the garden, oh they are so good. No matter what we are having for supper I've been adding the greens to the plate, cooked until their stems are still a little crispy, with butter [well actually becel]. They just melt in your mouth. Larry's hard work is paying off, soon we are going to be eating peas and other veggies. He's the dedicated one, that goes up every evening, does a little weeding, waters everything. We plant in a community garden, I think there are 5-6 families that garden in this particular plot. Everyone plants what they want and they have their own section. To keep the wildlife out [mostly deer] there is an electric fence around it. So this is all good and works well.
The Clintonia or Bluebeard Lily has berries coming on it now. Now we can see where the name Bluebeard comes from - their true blue berries.
Lexi needed a drink on our walk, so we make a stop at the lake. Nothing much happening there today.
Reflections in the water, everything looks green.
Waiting for these daylilies to bloom, any day now, wonder what color it will be.
Another pretty day on the lake.

My head feels as thick as that fog this morning, guess I need to get this coffee into me and clear the cobwebs. Wish me luck, that the day goes well and everything gets done.
Enjoy your day!

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