Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 186 - 4th July 2012 - Sailboats, Clouds and Indian Pipe

Too dark to tell what the day will bring, but when I got up the moon had the yard lit up, so you can probably figure out I've been up to early again. Oh well four good nights in a row is really good for me. It's just so hot for sleeping these days especially in the upstairs of an old home. Tried coming down to the living room and the sofa but by then I was way too awake. I read for a bit, chatted with a friend on Facebook for a bit, and roamed through the Internet for photography tips.

Yesterday was not a bad work day as far as they go. Some decisions made, some things cleaned up and other stuff accomplished. Every once in a while we have to take a day or two and have a little sort out and clean up. In my bones I can feel a few rough days, but am bracing for them. It's a shame some people couldn't just be graceful instead of crazy. Oh well, when grown people act like children.......... won't let it bother me. I did get a chance to take a few photos on the waterfront while I was waiting for Larry to pick me up last night after work. This time of year there are always boats in the harbour.
It was nice watching them, even though most of them were just anchored.
Looking out past the Dory Shop [on the left] at the harbour.
Making his way to the dock.
Interesting fluffy clouds over the water.
Standing by the Bean Dock looking towards the marina and the sailboats. Such a pretty view with the old fashion lamp posts and flowers hanging from them.
Another of my favourite woodland plants - Indian Pipe.
And the ducks where back last evening, resting on the dock!

I can see where it will be a long day. Oh well, guess I'll get lots done, must ply myself with another coffee.
Enjoy your day!

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