Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 207 - 25th July 2012 - Roseway River and a Flock of Hummingbirds

It's the middle of the week and my day off - rah! I see a clear sky coming through so looks like it will be  a nice day. First thing on my list today is to finish altering Yvonne's dress. Then she's all set for next Saturday. I don't do any sewing these days so it's really hard to get into it when I do have to do some. Ah well the worst part is cutting it off even as the outside skirt is chiffon and squirms around a lot. I'll get it done and it will be fine. I'll probably jinx myself by saying this, but I've been sleeping really well lately. How great is that?
Another good day on Tuesday. Things are coming together at the office and we had some really nice researchers in. Boy did it ever rain hard at times and thunder, I think most of the morning and evening, with a litle lightning tossed in for good measure. Joined some friends at the Roseway Cottages for a couple of hours in the evening.
The Roseway River.

This was a nice little water feature at the Roseway River Cottages.
The next few ones are photos Larry took of the humming birds, they were sure active today.
There were 5-6 around at a time.
Hoping I will get a chance to catch them in action tomorrow.
Guess I'll finish my coffee, check some emails and get Larry out the door so I can start some work. Enjoy your day!


  1. Nice photos...the hummingbirds are such delicate little creatures!! I love watching them.....enjoyed reading your blog again as usual...sitting here having a cup of coffee reading away.....not a care in the world...could you make it a little longer next time ....soon time for more excerps from "grandmother's journal" thanks

    1. Will see what I can do! But since I've been sleeping so well, I don't have those extra 2-3 hours in the morning to compose!LOL!