Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 193 - 11th July 2012 -Birds, Reflections in the Lake and a Paddle Boat

I can't believe it's Wednesday already. The middle of the week or as they say "hump day". Have to do a few hours today tweaking the index and trying to find the extra page and our MIA photo. I'm not spending too much time today on that. It's my day off and I have some things around the house to do as well as enjoy the sunshine.

Much warmer on Tuesday than it has been the last few days, but the breeze reappeared by supper time. Got the indexing finished and Colin was working on the proofreading. I've read it too many times now and he'll catch what I don't. So far we've managed three chapters and things look pretty good just the odd little thing here and there.
I set my tripod and camera up on the kitchen window seat, where I can watch what he's up to.
And there is usually a Robin on a fence post too.
Watched this little Evening Grosbeak for  quite a while as he pecked along in the road.
I played around with this a bit in editing. Took it over on the road this morning while walking to meet Nancy.
Pretty window boxes in Town.
Some interesting architecture.
I think the reflection of the motor in the water is pretty cool.
Wished I was in this paddle boat last night, just sliding along the lake.
The rest of my household has risen, so time to finish off this coffee and get another day underway. Looks like it's goning to be a warm one. Enjoy your day.

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