Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 190 - 8th July 2012 - Doves, Swamp Candles and Tiger Lilies

Sunday morning and it looks like it will be a spectacular day, weather wise. I even slept in a little bit. What to do, what to do! Larry is eyeing up the woodpile, so I know where he will be part of the day, I suppose I need to do some proofreading - maybe on the deck. Perhaps we can manage a drive somewhere as well.

Yesterday started out with a  big old thunder storm with hard rain. By early afternoon it had totally cleared and everything dried off almost instantly. So I did all those mundane household chores that need to be done. After supper it was a mad rush to town, groceries, the Osprey for the show opening then back up our way to a birthday party. So much going on in one little evening. The show went well, lots of people around.
I roamed through the woods over to the lake. Could hear lots of birds singing but this was the best I could see.
Came across this on the ground, I think it's another one of those apple oak ball thingys that I found in a tree a few weeks ago.
The forest floor is now covered with the partridge berry flowers and so very fragrant.
You can always find blue jays around.
Swamp candles growing along side the lake.
A waterlily and pads - the lake is full of them right now.
My tiger lilies are really starting to look brilliant now.
A few rain drops left on the petals after the rain.
Sorry folks, I'm a bit late this morning, sleep was good now to get the day moving forward!
 Enjoy your day.

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