Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 206 - 24th July 2012 - The Lake, Rocks and an Old Weatered Door

Ah Tuesday, gray skies but no rain yet. I think it's suppose to start later this morning. With the lake so low and forest fires cropping up rain is needed. More purging/re-organizing again today and to get the newsletter out as well. This weekend is Harmony Bazaar in Lockeport and I'm so lucky to be able to go on Saturday and take photos. It's all Tall Ship Weekend in Shelburne so another exciting busy weekend in Shelburne County, can't help but love it.

Monday went along smashingly. Lots of work done, the centre now looks like a disaster area, but - order will arise from chaos! Or at least we are hoping so. Poor Colin he worked so hard, thank goodness we have him. I did something to the bottom of my foot when I got up yesterday, by evening I could hardly walk on it. Hope what ever it is clears itself quickly. Larry went up to the garden after supper and came home with more beet greens, peas, carrots and a zucchini. The garden is doing so great. Last evening he shelled out and  did up over 8lbs of peas for the freezer. I hope he remembers what kind of pea seeds he bought because we are sure going to want those next year. They are great producers.
Just a hint of color in the sky yesterday morning as I walked over to meet Nancy.
Much prettier in the evening.
The lake is really low, lots of rocks showing.
An old weathered door, waiting for some TLC.
Lexi enjoys a little shade under an apple tree and what's left of my tiger lilies.
Well time for another coffee and get moving. Enjoy your day! Dance in the rain!

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