Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 202 - 20th July 2012 - Mushrooms, Lexi and Sunsets

It's Friday!! Much cooler and nicer this morning with the temperature at +12.8. More to my liking. Founder`s Day Festivities started in town last evening and our book launch is this afternoon. Speech is written and I think everything is just about set up and ready to go.The books arrived yesterday morning - RAH - Ulrich!  Hope I haven`t forgotten anything. One thing I have discovered over the years of doing these things - no one but me usually knows if I`ve missed or forgotten something.

Lexi and I had a great day on Thursday. Weather was beautiful, sunny with a light breeze. We tackled up some housework, went for a few walks around the hood, cooked supper, then Larry and I  played cards with friends up the road in the evening. Absolutely no drama or "hostile envirornment"in my life yesterday. Can`t get much better than that!
The colorful mushrooms are around the woods again.
A few more of my daylillies in bloom. There seems to be two different yellows.
A beautiful afternoon on the lake.
Not sure what Lexi is looking at...maybe a frog?
A pretty big pollywog.
I took off my sandals and Lexi and I waded around in the water. It was really warm.
My beautiful Lexi.

I guess she's not interested in toy trucks, only the ones she can ride in!

Stopped on the side of McKay Lake and took some sunset photos last night. Boy were the mosquoitoes bad.

Unfortunately I have one reader who reads for the sole purpose of knowing what I'm doing so she can cause havoc and upset. Guess what sweetie it won't work anymore. Go get on with your life and leave the rest of us alone. Most people have had enough of you and your childish attention seeking behaviour.
Well time to move on with my morning, get another coffee and check out my list of things to do. I`m looking forward to a successful day! Enjoy your day!


  1. Beautiful photos...oh Princess Lexi she sure is photogenic!! Mosquitos you say.....oh dear lots at Islands park....How about Middle Sista gathers up lots of mosquitos and send them over to the vindictive reader. Anyway I got your back if need be. It is going to be a busy Friday trying to organize trucks and schedules for the weekend. We are lucky to have such good drivers and they make the job easier. Well enough of this gazing at your are a good distraction and sometimes just an escape from this thing called "WORK" have a good and productive day :)

    1. Thanks sista! You have a good day too, might be in your direction tomorrow for some photos from the other side of the Harbour~

    2. We have the absolute best location along the water and had lots of company last evening to watch the "burning" I know that there are those who would make fun of camping so close to home, but I swear "Islands Park" is a little piece of heaven and being close to the office is a bonus....but when I am there it is refreshing....other than the chipmunks which are driving Kasey crazy :)

  2. Your reader sounds nutso. Wishing you luck on that one.