Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day 335 - 1st December 2015 - American Tree Sparrow, Sandy Point Light and Gull

Good Morning December - welcome to the last month of the year. Wow where did it go? Think it's going to be a kitchen day - some more baking, maybe a big pot of soup for the next few days. Sounds good to me. I haven't roamed the hood for a few days so I guess I better check things out, something interesting may have arrived and I could be missing out.
Yesterday Larry was off, which would have been a perfect day to go somewhere for Christmas shopping, but we had an appointment to get the car undercoated in the afternoon so that kind of ruled that out. We decided we'd go into town around noon, the garage gave us a loaner for the afternoon and we drove down through Sandy Point, Jordan Bay, Locke's Island, McLean's Island and looped through the Jordan Branch road. I thought there might be more ducks around but there weren't. A stop for coffee with Wanda in Jordan Bay and a watch at her feeder yielded the regular birds but also an American Tree Sparrow. Locke's Island had a Great Blue Heron, a couple of Mergansers ( I think) in the distance, Gulls, White Throated Sparrow and a couple of Golden Crowned Kinglets. The wharves only revealed Gulls and a few of the boats were on their way in. Some had landed for the day after setting their pots, some had returned with a second load.
White-Throated Sparrow, I think. He was quite happy to hide in those branches.
The Jordan Bay Wharf.
American Tree Sparrow.
Gull - juvenile Herring, maybe. I really need to spend some time on Gulls this winter. 
Sandy Point Lighthouse.

Enjoy your day!

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