Monday, December 7, 2015

Day 341- 7th December 2015 - Red-Tailed Hawk, Chickadee and Purple Finch

So it's another too early morning and another book finished. It does allow me to catch up on my reading that's for sure.  Tammy and I are off to Yarmouth this morning to finish our shopping. Going to get it  done except for a few things around here I can pick up next week. I've convinced her a slight detour to Cape Sable Island is in order. She's a good sport and even though she's not really a birder will be excited if we see those Blue Birds. Not a lot of time as she has an appointment shortly after 9 in Tusket. Going to be a busy day!
We had a good day in Yarmouth shopping, wasn't to crowded or busy just the way I like it. A few birds on the back road. At Bear Brook - Chickadees, Goldfinches, Purple Finches, Downy Woodpecker and a Swamp Sparrow. Further along near Carleton a Red-Tailed Hawk. And of course since I was in Yarmouth the Mountain Blue Birds (2) showed up on Cape Sable Island, so once again I missed them. A flurry of activity when we got home - I put a roast in the oven for Monday's supper, made muffins for Larry's lunches, got his salads, etc. made. Did up a couple of loads of laundry, sorted out my shopping and revised my list and he threw some wood in the basement. That's a never ending chore. By early evening it was time to put on the pj's and relax for an hour before bed.
Red-Tailed Hawk, unfortunately I was shooting into the light.

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