Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day 337 - 3rd December 2015 - Ice, Gulls and an Old House

Mild this morning and more rain for today. Well it's easy on the woodpile which is great. Back to the kitchen today, some more baking, maybe sort out the gifts I've bought and make a list of who/what else I need to buy. I've decided to shove the panic aside and just chill with the moment, crank up the music and get things done. I always get everything that needs to be done, so why not just enjoy the season. Maybe we all just need to rethink what it's all about.
Not a bad day in town, although I'm always tired when I get home. It's hectic trying to get everything done in one day, but that's life! A rainy day but not a lot, I managed to run around between raindrops and it's always nice to have lunch at the Beandock and catch up with the girls.
Since Big B. stayed home yesterday
pics from the last few days.

I know there won't be snow or ice along the shoreline this morning.
Gulls are always near/around wharves.
The house at the end of Locke's Island. A lovely old homestead, must remember sometime to read up on the residents that built it. Might be related.
Goldfinches are active at the feeders these days.

Enjoy your day!

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