Thursday, December 17, 2015

Day 351 - 17th December 2015 - Birdhouses, the Harbour and Berries

Sleep came last night from exhaustion. The 4 am eventually catches up to the point where I can barely function by early evening. So I feel much better this morning and will take advantage of a good day. Rain on the way later today and into tomorrow. I've got some things around the house to finish up as well as a research project. I need to do up a list of things left to do and pick up on Saturday when I go in town. 
Another Wednesday bites the dust. They wear me out  - rushing around, trying to get things done. Oh well, it is what it is. I roamed along Water Street first and then cut down Charlotte Lane to Dock Street for my morning walk. Another spot that stirs memories of stories from my grandfather. His family lived on the lane for a while - long before my time. That set of Great Grandparents had passed long before I was born, but kept alive through family photos and stories. Thankful that my Grandmother kept a journal, I wish my Grandfather had as well. All the things I thought I would remember I don't - just details here and there.
A bush full of bright black/blue berries.
This house has the most interesting birdhouse replicas on it's property.

Looking up the harbour in the cove.

A street light still burns on Charlotte Lane.

Enjoy your day!

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