Thursday, December 24, 2015

Day 358 - 24th December 2015 - Grasses, Goldfinch and Mayflowers

Christmas Eve and our Anniversary. Oh the weather was very different so many years ago - stormy and a blizzard but the minister made it and we tied the knot. It's raining hard this morning but hopefully will clear later. Shouldn't be a whole lot on the go today, a couple loads of laundry and little tidying up, supper to figure out (lobster). Larry will be finished around lunch time so we can enjoy the afternoon together. This evening we'll spend with some of our extended family - I'm sure there will be lots of laughter and merriment. 
A rather dull day, the sun didn't make much of an appearance but it was mild. Got out for a good walk but it's terribly quiet these days - all I heard or saw were Crows and a flock of Mourning Doves. Stopped for tea with Lois and her feeders aren't any more active than mine - Goldfinches and Chickadees. I guess with this mild weather they can find lots to eat in the woods. Although the squirrels seem to be too lazy to forage anywhere but the feeders. A few more things done around the house. Delivered gifts after supper and the last of the errands in town.
This plant holds it's interest and shape long after the flowers have bloomed.

And the grasses are still interesting in the bleakness of the season.

But on the upside I found Mayflowers budding up! Could winter be done?

Enjoy your day!

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