Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 336 - 2nd December 2015 - Ice, Snow and Reflections

Here it is Wednesday again and my town day. It's raining and looks like that's the forecast for today and tomorrow. Well at least it's mild. The weather bounces back and forth. Guess Big B. will stay home, not a day she will enjoy in town which means I'll (hopefully) get more work done.
Tuesday was a nice day, sun, very little wind and a little milder temperatures. Got out for a good walk first thing, then headed back home to start some baking. Sugar cookies and molasses gingerbread cookies done. Filling for peppermint patties done - just need to dip those another day. Big pot of soup simmered all afternoon on the stove and a couple of days of lunches made for Larry.  And of course the regular jobs of laundry, etc.
The shadow from the branch and ice reminds me of a fancy caterpillar - but maybe I have an over active imagination.
A dusting of snow yesterday morning over the first edging of ice on the lake.
I love these little fantasies in ice.

It was a great morning for reflections.
Red leaves dipped in snow - just about the only bright color left around is a few of these bushes and some red berries.

Enjoy your day!

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