Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Day 356 - 22nd December 2015 - Ice, Frost and Goldfinches

Winter Solstice - shortest day of the year. Now the days will  begin to get a little longer - not that we will notice anytime soon but it's a good thought. Looks like the forecast has some rain scheduled for today. Hopefully I'll get out early before it starts for a jaunt. Then it's clean up and finish wrapping. Nothing terribly exciting on my agenda.
Had a busy Monday, lots accomplished. Finished off the last batch of liquored up cherries, put together 10 tins and 1 tray of sweet treats for gifts. Decided it was a good time to install the new TV and managed a nice walk in the morning and tea with Lois. The last night of exercise class til after the holidays so I hauled myself off there - my other option was to shell out lobsters. That's more up Larry's alley.  It was cold in the morning but didn't take long to warm up and the snow melt.
Ice and frost on the grasses in the lake.
The sun was trying to make an appearance over the point.
The flock of Goldfinches is growing daily.
A little bit of shell ice was along the edges of the coves.

Enjoy your day!

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