Friday, December 18, 2015

Day 352 - 18th December 2015 - Goldfinch, Rooster and a Squirrel

Raining this morning. Well it's mild and you don't have to shovel it. Suppose to stop and then start up again this afternoon. At least Lexi and I should get a good walk in without getting too wet. Today is just a repeat of yesterday. Going to finish up some computer work, maybe decorate some more cookies and dip some cherries. Not a very fascinating day!
Walks are so quiet these days - hardly  a sound. A few Crows or Blue Jays, maybe a Chickadee. I got out before the rain, although it was overcast with the sun fighting to come through. It was short lived. I stopped to check out Lois' feeders in the hopes she had something interesting and different there but not much luck. It was mostly an inside day of holiday prep and computer work.
Goldfinch - there is a small flock of about a dozen around.
Lois has the same things in her feeders as I do.

And there is the Rooster looking all pleased with him self perched on the brush decorated railing.
Of course if there is nothing else you can always find Chickadees - cute and friendly.

Enjoy your day!

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