Saturday, December 26, 2015

Day 360 - 26th December 2015 - Cobwebs, Gulls and Canada Geese

Boxing Day - most places will still be closed today not that I want to go shopping. It's going to be a birding day for us. Think we'll pack our lunch and make a day of it. Hoping there is something interesting out there for us to see/find. Looks like another fine day on the horizon. The full moon is still big and beautiful this morning with the stars shining around it. Apparently a rare occasion for it to happen on Christmas Day.
We had a lovely Christmas - a few new bird books - Hawks and Sparrows among many other gifts. Lots of good food and family. In between meals I planted some flower bulbs that I should have done several months ago but with weather like this it didn't matter. I see the tulips, etc. are sprouting through the ground now. Apparently they've not heard it's winter either! Went for a jaunt around the hood but couldn't even find a Chickadee - super quiet and the lake was calm as glass.
Cobwebs and fallen leaves lay in the moss of the woods.
The Gulls were hanging out on the reef in the harbour.
Not a great shot - it was actually brighter with the  naked eye than the camera but it looked like a rainbow pillar.
The Canada Geese were in Lake Philip.
Another cobweb.

Enjoy your day!

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