Friday, December 4, 2015

Day 338 - 4th December 2015 - Chipmunk, Old Tire and a Grackle

Friday again, the weeks fly by. Lots of the same to do again today. But I've also got to pack up my photographs and get them ready for the exhibit at the library next week. It's chilly out there this morning, spitting snow and the wind is blowing. A hazy moon in the sky but no stars.
Another dreary wet day, some sunshine would be a welcome change. Bad enough the days are shorter but the lack of sunlight can get you down. I kept busy in the house - more cooking - pumpkin spice bailey fudge made - short story - I have 10 different kinds of chipits but not the butterscotch ones I needed so I experimented with pumpkin spice ones. Fingers crossed. Peppermint patties finished off and 3 dozen liquored up cherries wrapped and chilling - just need to be dipped. Went through some stuff I had bought and started a list of what else I needed. Lexi and I walked in the rain, Big B. stayed home again. And of course a fun evening at exercise class to finish off the day.
Chippy has been back for the last week - he likes to hang out on the deck posts.
Just a funky pic of weeds and water.
Rain droplets everywhere.
An old bicycle tire in the woods.
One of many Grackles that come and go.

Enjoy your day!

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