Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 340 - 6th December 2015 - Snowy Owl, Song Sparrow and White-Throated Sparrow

Mild morning, coffee on the deck listening to the sound of silence.  It's so quiet this time of year, no peepers or night creatures making a peep. Looks like the weather will be nice most of this week. Off to do some more Christmas shopping. Not planning on making it a long day, just an efficient one. Got the list and hopefully will find what I need. I've divided it up, since Tammy and I are going again tomorrow. The two trips should finish me off. Will take Big B. never know what I might see on the back road.
Got the exhibit set up quickly at the library and then headed to Cape Sable Island in search of birds. Picked up Cal and around we went to the Hawk, Daniel's Head, Clam Point and the loop back to Clark's Harbour. Well unfortunately we didn't have one of our better days. Usually when partnered up with Cal we find something interesting but not today. Gulls, Gulls and more Gulls, Mallards a couple of Hawks which we didn't get shots of, Song Sparrows a White-Throated Sparrow and a Snowy Owl. Well that' birding for ya - some days are good others no so but it's fun. Grocery shopping in Barrington and then homeward bound.

 This Snowy Owl is very handsome and so white. He seems to be quite content on this wharf. Although we don't approach too close.

One would think a Song Sparrow could provide a better side!
White-Throated Sparrow. Another shy bird.

Enjoy your day!

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